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Dissent! Network is an organization that fights for the good of the people all around the world. We know that there are issues that need to be voiced out for us to be heard. You can be a part of our advocacy about different global issues by becoming a sponsor for the organization. You can also make a difference by lending us a hand with our battle for what is right. Check out the available sponsorships that you can choose from.

Percentage of Sales

If you believe in the things that we stand for, helps us start the change by being a sponsor using the percentage of sales. Designate an amount of every product sold by your business.

Bronze Sponsorship

If you opt to go for the Bronze category you have the choice if you want to put your money on a one-time basis or push through with a commitment for the year. The amount bracket for Bronze Sponsorship is from $900 to $2000.

Silver Sponsorship

You can do this sponsorship on a monthly basis which can be from $175 to $500. If you don’t prefer monthly, there is an option for you to make a donation once a year ranging $2001 to $5000.

We still have other packages available for sponsorship subscription. If you have any question, just ask us at admin@dissentnetwork.com.