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PC-Cleaner-ProYour computer is running slow than when you bought it because the Windows Registries degrade over time. The Windows Registries are the drivers that run all aspects of your PC. These drivers become corrupt, duplicated and out of date. As your Windows Registries experience these problems your PC will slow down with various Windows errors, graphic errors and more.

The solution to these problems is using a Registry cleaner such as PC Cleaner Pro. What this software will do is remove duplicate files, clean your Windows Registry and greatly improve the speed of your PC. PC Cleaner Pro includes features to optimize your computer’s memory further improving performance bringing your PC to its full potential.

PC Cleaner Pro

PC Cleaner Pro is designed to look and feel like Windows with a similar GUI and easy to use interface. With one click interface and Windows style GUI PC Cleaner Pro is great for even novice computer users. No complicated settings and interfaces allows you to optimize your PC within a few minutes of installing PC Cleaner Pro. The features of PC Cleaner Pro include:

  • Fast – Quickly update all your registries within a few seconds of installation.
  • Easy – One click interface for all features within PC Cleaner Pro.
  • Powerful – PC Cleaner Pro repairs, cleans and optimizes all your registries for you. The process is completely auto-mated so you can sit back and relax.
  • Diagnose and Repair Windows Registry Errors - PC Cleaner Pro will scour your PC for all Windows errors and corruption. PC Cleaner Pro is designed for Windows to eliminate any and all errors!

Why waste your time manually fixing your Windows Registries when PC Cleaner Pro can do it for you automatically within a few seconds! Don’t waste days going through hundreds or thousands of files that your Registry contains when PC Cleaner Pro can do it for you while cleaning out corrupt and duplicated files.
Over time your registries degrade. This degradation slows your computer and leaves it vulnerable to viruses and malware that prey on outdated Windows PC’s. Corrupted Windows Registries leads to Windows errors, blue screen of death and peripherals such as your mouse and keyboard to stop working altogether. Eventually your PC will no longer boot requiring a full format of your hard drive. Formatting your hard drive requires everything to be deleted including Windows and installed from scratch. Don’t wait until its to late, act now!

What Is The Windows Registry?

The Windows registry contains the driver information for each piece of hardware and software your computer uses. The Windows registry is made up of thousands of individual files below is a screen shot of a typical Windows registry:
From the screen shot you can see all the separate folders each one contains sub folders and each sub folders contains multiple registry files. To manually go through and repair each file in each of the folders and sub folders takes days or weeks.

The Windows registry degrades over time when new hardware is added or removed and when programs are installed or uninstalled. Without proper repairs and maintenance your computer will begin to run slowly and eventually crash.

You can manually repair each of the registries yourself or you can use PC Cleaner Pro. It automatically repair every registry for you. PC Cleaner Pro does all this with just a few simple clicks continue reading to find out more.

Fix Registry Errors

PC Cleaner Pro is built to match the design of Windows for Windows users. With a few simple clicks you can fix Windows registry errors automatically. The below screen shot shows the scanner of PC Cleaner Pro:

The screen shot shows the main menu of PC Cleaner Pro and its one click interface. Lets take a look at each option on the side menu:

  • Overview – The overview page for PC Cleaner Pro has all the features availible to you in one click. One click will start a system scan, add a restore point or activate one of the tools.
  • System Scan – Your computer’s registry is scanned. All your registries are found and the ones in need of repair will be listed for you in a detailed report.
  • Restore – You can also backup your registries so if your computer does suffer from an error you can restore to your previously working registries. Anytime if you see a Windows Registry error simply click the restore button and PC Cleaner Pro will automatically return your registries to the configuration from when they were working.
  • Tools – The tools of PC Cleaner Pro include: Memory Optimization, Defrag, Process Manager and more! These tools help to optimize your PC to make it run faster and more efficiently.
  • Settings – PC Cleaner Pro includes a variety of settings to customize the look and feel as well as how frequently your computer should be scanned.

All the functions of PC Cleaner Pro are done with a simple mouse click. PC Cleaner Pro is perfect for Windows users. The program can be installed, scanning and repairing your computer within a few minutes. Save days of work by downloading PC Cleaner Pro now.

Don’t Suffer a Slow PC, Take Action!

Everything you do on your computer be it installing a new software or plugging in a new cell phone your computer’s registries degrade over time. This degradation causes your computer to run slow and leads to Windows registry errors.

Using PC Cleaner Pro will automatically find all your registries and update them for you. Don’t spend days manually repairing each registry when it can all be done in seconds. Act now to repair and prevent Windows registry errors and to have your computer running like new.

To ensure your PC is always protected PC Cleaner Pro includes an automated update feature. With automatic updates your Windows Registries will always be optimized with the latest drivers from developer websites and Microsoft updates.


Don’t suffer from a slow computer. Use PC Cleaner Pro today and see the difference.

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