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Why Dictatorship Is A Risky Type of Government?

No matter how great power a dictator holds there would still be numerous criticism that will occur. Among other types of government, dictatorship is the one where rights and freedom can be suppressed. We’ve all heard a lot of dictators around the world saying that with what they did, criminality is no longer the main issue in a nation. It is also the riskiest type of government where human rights, justice, and other things can be violated. Check out the information why dictatorship is precarious.

1. It can lead to abuse of power

Not all dictators are at their worst from the beginning. Most of them just became too attached to power due to greed, so they refuse to let it go. The powers they possess are absolute, and their words are the law. If there is a dictator, you’ll probably end up seeing private armies that will do whatever the boss says. All of them are at the dictators’ disposal to do whatever he wishes.

2. Mass Killings May Occur

The freedom of speech will not be an option for a dictatorship type of government. If you have an issue and voice it out, you could end up dead together with all the people who are trying to make a protest. There will be no specific law that can be followed, and anyone who disobeys can end up in a mass grave.

3. Political Conflict

Criminals may no longer be roaming the streets due to the rules made through the words of a dictator, but we can’t change the fact that there will be decisions made to come up with unreasonable rules and consequences. Once the people realize that there is something wrong, it could already be too late.

Different nations have different preferences when it comes to the type of governance. We should all remember that not every nation is the same. One type of government may not be applicable to other countries.