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5 Reasons Why Democracy Is Still The Best Type Of Governance

Each country differs by the type of governance it has. It is part of the country’s culture that is hard to change. There are a lot of types of government, and there has been a long time debate in which is the best kind of governance that should be implemented. Among the other types, Democracy is the one that can provide the power to the people instead of just the chosen few. Here are the reasons why Democracy is still the best after all these years.

Enhances Dignity of The People


If a country is ruled under democracy, no matter how deprived a citizen is, their dignity remains intact. They can hold on to their rights, justice, and freedom.

The Power is in The Hands of The People


The people hold the key to power on a democratic country. It is the people who make the choices to whom they can lend the authority to lead them. The citizens have the capability to vote and choose the right leader.

The Law Prevails


It doesn’t matter what your social standing is because, under a democracy reign, there is a law created. People follow it whether you are rich or poor. Everyone has to abide by the law by suffering the consequences.

Ability to Correct a Mistake


In a democratic country, people will choose who they want to lead. All of us know, though that the choice we think is right today but can be wrong tomorrow. If the leader turns out to be a corrupt official or someone who just have greed for power, there is always an option for an impeachment.

Peaceful Negotiation


A country under democratic governance doesn’t have to go for a bloodshed whenever there is a conflict. Things are talked about in a peaceful way where no lives will be at risk.

A country under democracy does not provide an absolute power to the leader. It just lends it and can be taken away if the person in the position is not competent enough.